Real Estate Services

Construction Services in the Philippines

Our construction service is second to none. We can construct your dream home from our own tried and tested designs that you can see within this site. We can also modify or design new from your concept. Your concept will be reviewed by our architectural management team and your dream will smoothly become reality.

Please browse our designs and chose one that is under construction or that you would like us to build for you now on any lot you or we supply.

Architectural Services in the Philippines

Our experienced Architectural team are available to design your concept or alter our own designs for you. They are on call for site advice and quality control. Structural computations, planning, drawing, modifications, material listing, material advice and testing reports, Site survey at each construction stage.

Property Investment in the Philippines

While property in the USA and Europe have taken a dive here in Asia it's expanding and there are large profits to be made with right property investment.

We can take all the hard work out of property investment in the Philippines. We will help you invest in the correct development. We can build that investment and manage the letting or sell it for a very good profit when complete. We know what and where to get the best ROI return on investment. Ask for our Property Investment Fact Sheet.

Property Management and Letting in the Philippines

We can manage the letting or sale of any property built by us or not. Hassle free funds transfer to your location on time as per contract.


In real estate and property development getting the legal things done properly on time is paramount.

Can you really trust family, friends or a back street attorneys to comply and complete the requirements fully and legally on time every time.

There are attorneys and there are attorneys we have all heard the many stories of the wrong attorney or family member making mistakes with a property deal.

The mountain of paperwork and time that clients pay for if not done 100% efficiently can lose a deal or even lose the dream and your savings.

Our legal team are experts in real estate law and laws relating to contracts pertaining to real estate and funds transfer relating there of. You can feel safe and be assured that any and all contracts and client's funds handling are being controlled by our legal and accounting team efficiently and legally on your behalf especially when you are not in the country at any or all stages of your dream development.

Property Evaluation Appraisal in the Philippines

Our evaluation team have vast experience in Philippines land and property values. You can be assured we can put a realistic value on any property or land area you wish to sell, let or purchase

Land / Lot Purchasing in the Philippines

We will buy your land for cash for a fair market value.

We will take your land in part exchange toward a construction. So if you have more than one lot why not use 1 or more as the deposit of a dream home or to get you started in property investment.

Real Estate Loans / Financing in the Philippines

We can help you arrange preferential loans in order to buy your dream home from us. We can also lend money in some circumstances on land title.

Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW) Investments

We specialise in building for OFW. We can safely take care of all contracts and paperwork while you are out of the country. Why entrust a family member to do the complicated job for you when you can have our full legal team ready full time. Rest assured while you work hard your investment will be safeguarded and project completed for you. We can also rent out for a profit your completed project while you work or live overseas if this would be of interest.

Foreign Ex Pat Real Estate Services

We can arrange safe ownership and or lease back facilities to enable you to keep 100% control of the property we build for you.

There is good profit on property development still in the Philippines unlike USA or Europe. We can use your investment to build, sell and or rent on your behalf passing on the profit to you. This can be full or part share in houses, condos, hotels and commercial. Examples available now.