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03Feb / 2011

Philippines property market is still growing.

NOW is the time to move in before its too late.

While property in the USA and Europe etc have taken a sharp downturn its still easy to make good returns on property investments in the Philippines.

Just look at the Condo buildings shooting up by the huge developers selling these for top prices.

But are Condos the correct investment decision? We think not if the prices are at the high end per square metre.

Houses are a fantastic value at this time. A lot more square metre for your money in good areas.

Having a QUALITY house built now is probably the best time to invest. It is low cost but will always be going up up up.

Why is this a good time to buy quality property in the Philippines? Because standards of living are improving, wages are rising, business is growing, more Filippinos are also working overseas and sending their money home and investing in property NOW.

All this is good news to the property investor or home buyer as long as he obeys some of our basic rules.

  • Buy houses not condos unless they are low cost good value condos – compare to house costs.
  • Buy only quality houses that are built to a standard following building codes and constructed by tested tradesmen. Low quality houses will not last the time it takes to pay back any investment.
  • Buy or build the highest value you can afford as this will always give the highest return in a growing market.
  • Get a construction guarantee.
  • Make sure the property is in an area that will allow easy resale or rental. This goes wether you are going to live in the property for a time while it appreciates, sell immediately for a quick profit or rent for time before any sale.
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